What has been going on.....

Hello all to my favorite leather fans.   

I am here to pour my heart and soul out to you all.  I thank you all for the support, over the past years.  I had a hard decision to make back in February 2020.  My father was diagnosed with lung cancer, and I didn't blink, I packed my bags and moved back home with my father to take care of him through the hard time that we both were not expecting to come.  Within a months time, COVID-19 was moving across the country and was causing havoc everywhere.  During this time, I was not allowed to go with him for treatments, I had to drop him off at the hospital door, and sit in the parking lot and wait for him to call me when his treatment was over.  It was very difficult to not be able to help him when he needed it the most.  But he was a fighter and we both got through radiation daily and chemo weekly treatments.  Then eventually, we got good news that all the treatments shrunk the cancer enough to not be a concern.  But with age and sickness, other ailments got in the way, and required me to stay caring for him till his last day on this earth. 

March 19, 2021.   

This day was the hardest day for me, I was thankful that he was no longer in pain and suffering from all of his ailments.  But loosing my number 1 fan, and support was the hardest thing I have ever had to endure.  And I do not wish this on anyone.  The pain was totally unbearable. And to this day, it has not gotten any easier. 

So, if you ask, why I was quite and not posting on Instagram and Facebook, its because I transferred my crafting and creating to care for the man that raised me.  He deserved all my attention.  

I now have a creative block. 

So, please be patient with me while I continue to go through the pain and sufferings of loosing a very close loved one. 


So, please understand that I am selling items that I am able to create right now, while I build to get back to my normal self.... But who isn't always recreating themselves???? So, I guess I am asking for everyone to be patient while I find myself, and who knows who I am going to become. 

And with that said, who knows where this page/stores direction will go.  

I love leather, but now working with it brings way too many painful feelings/ emotions.  So, I have turned to a new craft right now that involves vinyl and resin.  They are the keychains, magnets, badge reels, and holiday ornaments.  

So please be on the watch daily or weekly for new items, as I continue to make all of the fun vibrant items.   

 I thank all for being supportive and understanding that I haven't closed shop, I just put everything, including my fiancé and his daughters on the back burner while I went through this transition. 

But I have some good news, we finally found a wedding venue, and we agreed on a date.  So, I am moving forward looking to get married to an amazing man, and becoming a family with him and his daughters.    

So, not all is bad, but I definitely have a lot on my plate/ mind daily.  Who doesn't? I know that everyone has their own going on in their lives.  I have been very quite about myself in the past.  But something told me to do this. 

The website needed an overhaul, and I need to make these things right now, but who knows where the website/ store will continue to go. 

Thank you for reading this, and allowing me to pour my heart and soul out. 

Loretta J. <3  

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