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Hello! :-) 

I finally got a few minutes away from life, creating and designing to write a short blog to update you on who I am, what I do, and why I love what I do so much, and why I opened this shop.  

Who am I???? Sometimes I ask that question randomly.... no joke.... but here is the answer.  I am a medical coder/ Auditor by day and a creator/craftier by night, with a fiance, and two teenagers somewhere in the middle.  I stay up late playing around with different crafts.  But recently I have really gotten into turning scraps of leather into beautiful pieces of wearable art.  

If you as any one of my friends and family, they will not deny how much I love jewelry, so me making jewelry is not far out of my reach.  I used to make different creative pieces for gifts instead of buying generic box store options for my family for holiday gifts.  Well, either I made something personal or found something very specific for each person.  I am not a gift card giver kinda person.  I like to make it very personable and really capture the personality of the recipient. 

So I played with a few scraps and watched a ton of videos to see how others did their craft, and turned to leather and mastered my craft to continue to make fun an new items that are not in the big box stores.  So when you wear my creations you can say that you have a one of a kind item,  because leather has a mind of its own and no two will ever be exactly alike.  

I use high quality stainless steel, sometimes it is plated,  but I don't use cheep materials as I have an allergy for cheep anything.... so I will never offer cheep to my customers. 

I hope this clarifies a few questions you may have about me and if you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to email me and I will answer in a blog. And please check in regularly as I am constantly going to be updating and adding new creations as I make them.   

Well, not so short but, thanks for checking in and seeing all that I have to offer.



µεράki ~  soul, love, and creativity put into all my creations 

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