Leather and Essential Oils

Leather is a perfect natural absorbent delivery system for those that use essential oils.  Place a few drops on the backing( soft portion) of the earring or bracelet and you will have your essence follow you throughout the entire day.  You don't need to saturate the leather, just a few drops will do plenty.  Each movement will remind you that you have either one of the calming, relaxing, or energizing scents and the therapeutic benefits with you.  

Being natural is never out of style, and leather is extremely natural.  Loretta uses remnants, so there is no direct harm caused to the animals in making any of her jewelry items.  

If you are not into leather, the vegan leather is a man-made material called "Vegan Leather" and this can also be used the same as all the regular leather products with the essential oils.  Loretta J. Creations tries the hardest to please every one of her customers by having something for everyone.  

Loretta hopes you enjoy all that she has to offer and stay tuned for more amazing blogs on leather.   

Enjoy Your leather Creations,



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