Leather Cuffs/ Bracelets

This collection consists of mystery braided leather bracelets or genuine leather cuffs. 

Both are fun and exciting!  Mystery braided bracelets are available in fun colors or with charms added.  Get one to match each of your outfits!  

The Cuffs are edgy and yet perfect to express your personality and style.  

All Bracelets can be worn daily, and if you are into essential oils, you can dab your oils on the fibrous meaty (inside - the area that touches your skin) part of the leather, to have your scent with you all day long.  It won't harm the leather, as the oils dissipate you can just add more. 


All jewelry is packaged in a green velvet bag and in a box that is very sturdy and CANNOT be crushed in transit.  Perfect for easy gift giving.  

All jewelry is premade, so shipping is super fast, orders are shipped out within 24 hours.